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About Future Hope Counseling
The 247 foot sequoia tree pictured on the left of your screen, has many unique characteristics that provide it ample opportunity to grow to this enormous size and strength.  All the threats that might kill other trees, the sequoia is immune to:  Wind does not phase these mammoths because of the hardness and strength of the wood;  Fungal rot and wood boring beetles are not a threat because of tannic acids and other chemicals in the bark and heartwood of the sequoia. The bark of the sequoia is flame resistant and so ground fires actually provide a benefit to the sequoia by clearing away any competition for nutrition, while opening up sequoia cones to allow sequoia seedlings to grow out of the nurturing ashes below. While people are not resistant to damage like the sequoia, we do have the ability to withstand the difficulties and threats in our lives, and to nurture beauty from ashes of the past.  It is my hope, that Future Hope Counseling can assist you in this journey to a beautiful and healthy life.






T'Shana Everitt, MA, LMFT
Future Hope Counseling



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